Finally: Southern Arizonans Can Learn How to Harvest Edible Wild Plants, Craft Their Own Natural Medicine, and Design A Desert "Food Forest" On Their Property- All In One Place

Get Step-by-Step Directions for Identifying and Preparing Nutritious Wild Food Plants, Making Your Own Medicine, and Growing An Edible Oasis In Your Own Back Yard…
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On The Search For Useful Wild Plants...

Hi, my name is Matthew Hunter. When I was only 17 years old I started learning about the world of edible plants and foraging. I wanted to know: What did Native Americans eat in the past? How did they live? Why don't we still eat the plants they used to eat? Surely we are surrounded by edible plants, but we just don't know about them, right? 

My hunch that edible plants surround us proved to be absolutely right. I quickly started learning plants and amassing a small library of wild food books, and I was amazed at the new world I was discovering right in my own neighborhood! 

Wild plants are everywhere! I was learning about their amazing nutritional benefits, their importance as emergency or survival foods, and getting outside meant I was learning a lot about nature too, all while having tons of FUN in the process!

It's been over 10 years since I first started foraging, and a couple years ago I started an online class for high-school age homeschoolers. It was a major success. I found that teaching plants online is very effective if the students are willing to put in the work. I had 16 and 17 year olds eating brand new plants right from their own yards and favorite hiking areas! And not just one or two, one student ate 20 new plants during one of my online summer courses!

I started realizing that not only is online instruction very effective, there is also a huge demand for it! People really want to learn how to forage, and I know how to teach them! This realization led me to create Wild Food University, an online video guide for Southern Arizonans that details our region's edible plants!

Learn How To Recognize Key Food Resources In Your Region

Harvest the Desert's Abundance!

Learn More About The Natural World!

Pass Down Important Skills to the Next Generation!

Introducing: Wild Food University

Wild Food University is a live online training program designed to equip Southern Arizonans to harvest the edible and medicinal plants of the Sonoran Desert.

Live Zoom workshops taught throughout the end of 2023 and the whole year of 2024 will cover different aspects of foraging, off grid living, and herbal medicine making, keeping students up to date on which plants are in season throughout the year and doing an in-depth review of the natural resources that surround you every day in this unique biome!

This program also includes a detailed edible plants video library, a full-length foraging Ebook, a food forest design mini-course, and an online community where students can ask questions and get help with plant identification. (See details further down on this page)

To give you an idea of the types of topics this program covers, here are some of our upcoming lessons:

  • Making Herbal Extracts for Flu Season Thursday, November 30 at 7pm
  • Desert Foods of December Wednesday, December 6 at 7pm
  • The Mighty Oak Tree: Using Arizona Acorns for Food Thursday, December 14 at 7pm 
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Reviews from Past Legacy Wilderness Academy Programs...

Lyssa McPherson

"I am extremely impressed with the quality of this course and its creator, Matthew. I have been in higher education for over 10 years and have had extensive experience in course work related to plant identification, ecosystem management and outdoor recreation adventures. This course has reignited my enthusiasm in returning to my 'roots' of exploring the wilderness and deepening my love of the amazing plant community here in the Sonoran Desert."

Tiffany Rubio

"This was the only course I found that covered foraging and herbs in this much detail, and the only one in the Sonoran Desert area that was online. It has been amazing and very enjoyable to learn about the edible and medicinal uses of the herbs, as well as how to preserve them. I'm also looking forward to learning how to cultivate these plants in your garden."

Kara Jensen

"Great course, Matthew shows great photos and give detailed descriptions when identifying plants and how to differentiate similar plants. It's also cool how he will share where he has found what." 

Mark Hofgard

"This course is a must-have for Sonoran desert dwellers. I am an avid hiker and I connect with nature on a daily basis. But I had no idea what to eat, how to identify it, what considerations must be addressed before eating, and what really grows in this environment. This course is ideally suited for those wanting to learn about eating healthy from the desert. I highly recommend Mathew's courses and writings for anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of the wonderful place that we live."

Missy Hudson

"I recently moved to Phoenix and was searching for an experience to better connect me with my new home. Sonoran Desert Foraging is a very meticulously designed course that has given me a whole new hobby that I never knew existed. I love being able to identify amazing nutritious local foods that I wouldn’t have recognized on my own (and didn’t realize how much variety a desert could provide!). Matthew is definitely an expert, yet takes great care to avoid presenting himself as a guru like leaders of some other courses/webinars are prone to do. He is also very forthcoming with providing links to additional resources from other foragers and plant experts. I would recommend this course for anybody who lives in the Sonoran region and is interested in wellness for both the self and the environment."

Jeremy Werner

"Matthew is the real deal and passionate about his work which shows in his courses and involvement. Very well prepared course with great resources. I am very thankful I invested in this course."

Who Is This Program For?

🌵People who love the outdoors and are eager to learn how to harvest the edible plants of Southern Arizona! Do you have a deep curiosity and fascination with the outside world? Maybe you’ve foraged a little before and now you’re hooked! Or maybe you’re brand new to the desert and want to learn which plants to look out for on your next hike… 

If you want to sharpen your identification skills, add new edibles to your repertoire, and learn even more about the plants you’re already familiar with, this program is for you!

🌵People who want to homestead, produce their own food, or learn the useful plants growing on their land. Do you dream of living off-grid and having your own self-sustaining food system? Wild Food University will demystify the process of designing a rainwater harvesting system, selecting and planting the right food trees for your property, and using the edible and medicinal plants already growing on your site.

After this program you’ll have the confidence to develop a realistic plan of action for your project using proven design strategies, and you’ll have clarity on the whole step-by-step design process from start to finish(trust me, it’s not as hard as you think).

🌵People interested in herbal medicine. A lot of people who join my program are interested in herbs, from homeschool moms who want to make home remedies with their kids, to aspiring herbalists, or people who simply like the idea of harvesting what nature provides and doing things themselves. This course can help you get started crafting your own medicine right from nature. No pharmacy needed.

🌵People who want to connect with nature in a practical, hands-on way and learn what resources the unique Sonoran Desert biome can provide. 

Venezuela's most famous explorer Charles Brewer-Carias once remarked that “The jungle is like a huge supermarket… but, a supermarket with Chinese signs…and if you don’t read Chinese in the Chinese supermarket, you are lost…”

The Sonoran Desert is similar in its own way. It’s like your own personal farmer’s market and health food store mixed into one, but to shop there you have to learn how to read the signs. That’s exactly what Wild Food University will help you do: Learn about the rich natural history of Southern Arizona while having fun out in nature! And it’s perfect for visual learners!

What Do You Get When You Sign Up For Wild Food University?

The Most Comprehensive Video Guide to Edible Sonoran Desert Plants Ever Created!

In 2022 I had one major goal: To film instructional videos on all of the major edible plants in the Sonoran Desert region. Systematically documenting our region's edible plants in video form had never been done before- until now!

When you enroll in Wild Food University, you'll get access to the most unique, one-of-a-kind video tutorials ever made for our area.

With my videos you'll actually get to see each step in the process, from clear identification, to harvesting, preparing, and preserving.

Videos will allow you to learn plants 10x faster than reading it from a book alone. That being said, I also wrote a book that you'll be getting as well! (See below).

Each video is filmed in the field, and in many cases each plant is covered in greater detail than can be found anywhere else: in other words, you won't find this information on Youtube...

(In fact, some of the plants in this course have never had their edible uses covered in video form until now, which makes mine the very first! Isn't that wild??)

Brand New Live Workshops Every Other Week To Keep You Up To Date On Which Plants Are In Season And Make Sure You're Alway Learning Something New! (Total of 26+ Live Lessons Per Year)

When you sign up for Wild Food University you’ll get to attend live online workshops that will sharpen your skills in edible and medicinal plant identification, herbalism, wild food harvesting, and sustainable homestead design.

Lessons are taught through Zoom every other week(or more), and systematically take the learner through everything they need to know to grow food from home and use the wild plants of Southern Arizona for food and medicine.

You’ll learn a wide range of self-sufficiency skills that will stick with you for the rest of your life! The small monthly cost of this program is virtually insignificant compared to the amount of food and medicine you’ll be able to gain access to year after year, as well as the thousands of dollars it could help you save if you plan on designing your own off-grid homestead.

Full-Length Downloadable Ebook So You Can Have The Information On Your Phone Wherever You Go!

This full-length ebook covers edible plants of the Sonoran Desert and includes high quality pictures for confident identification, information on sustainable harvesting, preparation, and detailed distribution maps.

It can be used as a stand-alone guide for harvesting desert plants, and can be downloaded to your phone for use in the field, or printed, so you can access the information without internet or electricity.

Create An Edible Desert Oasis In Your Own Backyard With My Designing a Food Forest Mini-Course

Want to create a "food forest" in your own backyard and start producing clean, organic food that can withstand even the worst drought?

With my sustainable design series you can learn food production techniques specifically for the Sonoran Desert. After getting my Permaculture Design Certificate from the Sonoran Desert Permaculture Guild in Tucson, I started integrating my knowledge of local edible plants with desert-specific design strategies to create a food forest design course that will jump-start your quest for an all-edible landscape and garden.

With clear step-by-step directions on site analysis, tree selection and placement, passive solar design, water harvesting, plant guilds, and common landscaping mistakes, this series will take the mystery out of designing a food forest. You'll know exactly what to do, and exactly where to start. 

1-On-1 Access To The Instructor So You Never Feel Like You're All On Your Own!

When people start foraging they're often afraid they'll misidentify a plant and eat the wrong thing... OR, they find a plant and have no idea what to do with it. 

With Wild Food University this will never be a problem, because when you sign up, you'll get to join our members-only online community where you can ask questions, post pictures of plants you've found, and get feedback! I (Matthew) will personally answer your questions and confirm (or deny) your identifications so you know 100% for certain that you're eating the right plant!

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Practical Knowledge To Help You Forage for Wild Plants, Grow Your Own Food, and Craft Your Own Medicine

26+ Live Workshops Taught Every Other Week Throughout the Year of 2024 ($975 Value)

✅ Sonoran Desert Foraging Course (Including My Food Forest Design Mini-Course) ($249 Value)

✅ Sonoran Desert Foraging Ebook ($27 Value)

✅ 1-on-1 Access to the Instructor + Members-Only Community ($350 Yearly Value)

Wild Food University Is Currently Closed for Enrollment and Will Reopen New Year's Day 2024. Click the Button Below to Get Notified When It Opens!

Tyler Heald ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Matthew's expertise is invaluable in this niche world of Sonoran Desert foraging! I was delighted by the wealth of resources and knowledge shared along with his kind and responsive demeanor and clear passion for the subject matter. 5 Stars!"

Stacy Stepp ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"This class is like no other! The instructor, Matthew Hunter, is very knowledgeable about the plants he is teaching, and it's quite obvious that he desires for each and every student to leave his class with the same knowledge that he has."

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My Risk-Free Guarantee: If You Decide You Don't Like The Program, It's Easy to Cancel. You Can Even Keep My 152 Page Ebook Just For Trying It Out!

After reading this page you’re probably wondering, “Is it difficult to cancel if I don’t like the program?” The answer is absolutely not. It’s quick and easy to cancel your subscription, and you can do it any time. 

Even if you lose track of time and forget to cancel, I’ll give you a whole week after your last payment to reach out to me and ask for a refund.

That ensures that you’re paying because you actually want to keep learning, not because you lost track of time and forgot to cancel. Also, if you’re having trouble canceling, I make it easy to reach out to me via email, call, or text, so there’s no risk whatsoever!

I’m so sure you’ll enjoy this program that even if you cancel during your 14-day free trial period, you can still keep my downloadable Sonoran Desert Foraging ebook!

Meet Your Instructor

Matthew Hunter is the creator of three outdoor education courses: Fundamentals of Wilderness Survival, Foraging 101, and Sonoran Desert Foraging. He has filmed over 150 videos about edible wild plants and outdoor skills, and regularly leads plant walks in his local area. He also maintains a foraging blog, and is the author of Sonoran Desert Foraging, a book that is set to be published in 2024.

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