The Southeast Forager Course

About Us

Legacy Wilderness Academy's mission is to teach Southerners how to harvest clean food and natural medicine from the wild plants that surround them every day!

The southern fields, forests, and swamps are a treasure trove of edible and medicinal plant resources that get passed up and trampled over every day, totally ignored by 99% of people…

But for those of us who know how to use them, the southern fields and forests provide us with both a pantry and medicine cabinet, a free source of food and medicine that comes back year after year, with no planting, watering, or fertilizing required!

Wild food plants are non-GMO, organic, and packed full of nutrients. They haven’t been sprayed with toxic pesticides or pumped full of artificial ingredients that you can’t even pronounce… They’re “garden-fresh” right from nature!

The medicines found in your own backyard and favorite walking trails are generally more gentle on your body than modern pharmaceuticals, and many are just as effective at treating everyday ailments (not to mention a heck of lot cheaper).

In today's world, most of us haven't grown up learning these important and potentially life-saving skills that past generations relied on for survival.

With all of the craziness we've seen in this country in the past few years, we at Legacy Wilderness Academy think it's essential that Southerners keep developing their skills of self-sufficiency and preparedness, and we're here to help you do that!

Matthew Hunter is the creator of three outdoor education courses: Fundamentals of Wilderness Survival, Foraging 101, and Sonoran Desert Foraging. He’s been foraging for over a decade and has filmed over 150 videos about edible wild plants and outdoor skills.

Matthew loves spreading his joy and excitement for foraging with his friends, family, and Southerners everywhere! He lives with his wife and daughter in West Monroe, Louisiana.