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Legacy Wilderness Academy

Legacy Wilderness Academy is an online school founded by Matthew & Joy Hunter to help people learn the edible plants in their region, master wilderness survival skills, grow their own food, and leave a legacy to the next generation.

Matthew has been studying and harvesting the wild food plants of North America for over 10 years. One of his goals is to show people the abundance of plant resources that surround them everyday, including edible plants, wild teas, medicines, and nutritional supplements. He is an expert at identifying and harvesting wild food plants, and loves to share that information with others- not only for use in an emergency- but also to help people implement the plants around them into their daily lives. 

Legacy Wilderness Academy specializes in wilderness survival training. Matthew has over a decade of outdoor experience, and has developed a full length, university-level survival training course called Fundamentals of Wilderness Survival. He writes and films videos on topics like fire making, land navigation, water purification, shelter building, hypothermia, backcountry preparedness, etc. We want every outdoorsman to have a basic understanding of wilderness survival and safety, and our goal is to be an authoritative, go-to resource on the topic.

Another goal of ours is to help people grow their own food- with a focus on food forest systems(edible trees and shrubs). Some trees and shrubs can produce food and medicine for multiple generations and should be a part of every gardener's tool box. In 2020 Matthew got his Permaculture Design Certificate from the Sonoran Desert Permaculture Guild. Since then, he has had an interest in growing native food plants and reforesting damaged or degraded land. He wants to help people create forest systems that future generations can live in and enjoy.

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