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Your online guide to confidence and self-sufficiency in the outdoors. 
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Want Confidence Exploring the Great Outdoors?

Fundamental Training

An extensive online survival course that's been years in the making.

Made for Anyone

Practical information designed for all skill levels. Made for backpackers, hikers, campers, survival enthusiasts, and anyone who loves the outdoors. 

Explore Without Fear

Our goal is to inspire people to get outside and learn practical ways to use the resources around them.

The Ultimate Wilderness Survival Course

Master Course

An online course designed to give students the knowledge and skills to prepare for, avoid, and survive short-term unexpected wilderness emergencies.

Gain foundational experience in skills such as shelter building, knot tying, fire making, and much more.

$200 | 89+ Lessons |  20+ hrs

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Looking for a specific topic?

Explore popular mini courses.  

The Woodsman and His Knife

Mini Course

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Clothing for the Outdoors

Mini Course

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Wilderness Fire Lighting

Mini Course

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About The Instructor

Matthew Hunter

Matthew is an outdoor educator with 8 years of experience studying and practicing wilderness living skills. His most intensive area of study has been plant identification botany and harvesting the wild food plants of North America. Matthew has harvested and consumed over 300 species of wild plants in a number of states, including Texas(where he was born and raised), Oklahoma, Missouri, Florida, Tennessee, Montana, Idaho, Arizona, and Oregon.

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What are others saying?

"The course Matthew has created is, without question, one of the most comprehensive and detailed programs available. I have been studying Bushcraft, Wilderness Survival, and General Outdoor skills for over 25 years, teaching those skills for over 15 years. I was very pleased with the incredible detail Matthew presents in his course. This detailed program will allow the student to become very confident in their knowledge of outdoor skills. If your plan is to move from student to instructor, the details and knowledge gain will allow you to teach with the absolute confidence that you are giving the student clear and thorough skills and information."

Keith Farrar

Instructor, School of Self-Reliance in Southern California

"I grew up spending time in the outdoors hunting with my dad and heavily involved in the Boy Scouts. Legacy Wilderness Academy's master course helped fill the gaps in my outdoor knowledge and has better prepared me for the activities I love. There is definitely something for everyone in this course. Whether you are an avid outdoors person or just getting started, this course will level you up from where you are currently. Matthew knows his stuff and is able to communicate his vast knowledge in a way that is easy to understand and retain. I can't recommend this course enough. Do yourself a favor and see for yourself."

Benjamin S.

Hiker, Camper, and all-around Outdoor Enthusiast 

"I've learned so much taking this course. This winter I did the cold weather clothing section and was able to stay warm all winter, but it isn't just for survival. It covers topics that will help in every aspect of life. Last summer after learning about dehydration, I helped keep my whole soccer team hydrated. This course is awesome."

Charlie Casteel


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